John A. Gulow



Caldwell, New Jersey

 In his upper 50s, John is a life-long, classically-trained, musician, a KISS fan since 1975 and a long-time bassist (30+ years- and counting!). His very first, "real", bass amp was one of the first 300+ watt, 1969, SVT "Blue Line"s- with 6146B power tubes. When it comes to KISS basses, he's owned and played AXEs (both '90s Spencer's Simmons and '80s Kramers), '90s Spencer's Punishers, as well as vintage '70s Gibson Grabbers and Rippers. He knows, exactly , what KISS tribute band bassists want, and need, their live sound to be!

Simply put- your live bass sound couldn't be in more competent hands.