Q: "Why don't you show prices on your packages lists?"

A: Our number one FAQ. We'd love to- except there's one, very LARGE, variable- TRAVEL. We all know that there are expenses attached to everything in life. Truth be told, we would LOVE to come to you to work with you, one-on-one! However, we're regular people, with regular jobs. We do this for FUN! Fun costs money. If we were to come to each band, on their home turf, that would, naturally, factor into the bottom line cost of the package your tribute band chooses. Let's face it- facts are facts. We handle every potential client's needs on a individual, case-by-case, basis.  There are a number of great venues right here in the immediate NJ/NY/CT area that would LOVE to bring in a top-notch KISS tribute band! We can wheel the whole of either one of our production packages right into any one of those venues. That's  why we don't show prices on our packages lists. Believe us when we say, "We are NOT  out to make a million dollars doing this"! We're KISS fans- just like you! Yes - you can  afford to hire us!

"It ain't a crime to be good to yourself!"

Q: "Is the Eventide for sale?"

A: Our number two FAQ. In a word... no. A lot  of time and effort went into resuscitating this KISStoric  beast (man, if you only knew! ), and when John, the present owner, first got it, he knew right away that he had something really rare- and that it was just w-a-y too cool to sit inside some locked, glass display cabinet, in some 'KISS room'  somewhere, with rows of bright LED lights glaring down on it all day long- only to be stared at by one person. Never to be seen, or heard about, ever again. Nope! Not happenin' ! His 'gut instinct' told him that this  particular piece of vintage, "classic era", band-used, audio gear absolutely had to be USED! It had to be SHARED with, and HEARD and ENJOYED (again!) by the entire  KISS ARMY!