"THE LARGO" package's Main Gear:

What we walk in with (Yeah, we pack light- but we carry a B-I-G punch!):

1970s KISS-owned and toured Eventide Model 1745M Harmonizer

The whole  reason you sought us out. Right, Demon?

1999 Ampeg SVP-PRO preamp

Rack-mounted, standalone, all-tube (5), preamp section of Ampeg's much respected  SVT-2 PRO . We've re-tubed ours with vintage (late 1960s), Sylvania-branded, vacuum tubes- for that distinct Ampeg SVT sound.

Tube complement:

1  12AX7A

3 12AX7s

1  12AU7

Artists and techs: If  your, on-stage, power amp has a 1/4-inch "POWER AMP IN" jack on its chassis, we can plug our preamp directly into your power amp, and deliver its sound right at the source, from stage right, rather than going through, either, a D.I. (which we do also have- both  passive AND  active), or through your bass guitar's channel on the venue's mixing board (we have all the interconnect cables). Otherwise, we've paired our SVP-PRO with a 2004 Ampeg B2R amp. The B2R is rated at 200W @ 8 ohms and 350W @ 4 ohms. You'll have absolutely NO problem whatsoever being heard with our rig!

Sometimes y'just need a bit more STUFF to get the job done!

  • 1980s KORG*DT-1 PRO digital tuner
  • 1970s MXR*M 125 "blue face" 31-band graphic equalizer (2 available)
  • 1980s dbx*Model 166 "black face" dual mono, gated Compressor/Limiter
  • BBE Sound, Inc.*882i Sonic Maximizer
  • WHIRLWIND*MLTDIR 4-channel PASSIVE Direct Injection interface
  • WHIRLWIND*HotBox QUAD 4-channel ACTIVE Direct Injection interface

We always use protection ...

We use these Furman Sound power protection devices:

  • AR-15 Series II Voltage Line Regulator (from the wall, in the Eventide case only)
  • PL-PLUS II Power Conditioner (one in each case)